Perhaps I am beginning to embrace that I am indeed a creative person.  I never associated myself as a “creative” until people started pointing out my eye for home décor, event design, and photography. I’m not sure how I concluded that “creatives” must either be an artist, musician, or designer to some capacity. When I look […]

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a simple request

FREEDOM The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved Reading the definition of freedom shows me how freedom still feels like a foreigner or distant friend. I know a little about her, but I’m still getting to know her […]

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a fresh start

The voices of harassment have finally subsided. At last, I can breathe. There is now an allowance for head space and clarity. Our loving Father knew He needed me completely relocated (twice) to grow me the most – He knows me best after all. This is my fresh start: new city, new job, new community, […]

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