2 more weeks + the single life

I can’t believe I’m two weeks away from moving into my very own home. Oh, it’s a dream for who knows how long, but life circumstances and high living costs hadn’t allow it.

As a single lady in her thirties, I’m realizing what a special time this is. The perks of being single is much much more than hanging out late or having no honey to report to. I used to think that until I moved in with families with young children and teenagers. My eyes have now opened to the freedoms single life really has to offer.

— Don’t get me wrong. I seriously cannot wait to get married. Marriage and children are some of the most beautiful joys in life! However, since I’m not married yet, I’m becoming more and more aware of what a gift, a luxury, and opportunity this time is until I am married.

Now without further ado –
– the single life (and no roommate life):

  • decorating my home with all the fun designs, colors, and all the inspo
  • planning my schedule around coffee dates and workout classes
  • sleeping at least 7 hours a night
  • reporting back to Jesus, and no one else
  • taking spontaneous trips of fun and exploration
  • praying & worshiping in any room for as long as my heart desires
  • never waiting to use the bathroom
  • hosting friends and fun events (huge reason why I want my own place)
  • listening to whatever music or podcast I want in the early morn
  • cooking garlicky/gingery food and smelling up the house (you know it’s good!)
  • cleaning after myself, and nobody else
  • enjoying peace and quiet!

So to all the singles out there – embrace this time! YES, take full advantage! It is not to be wasted, but to be treasured.

Knowing that singleness may just be a season, how do you envision this time in your life? What would you like to accomplish? In whom and where would you like to invest your time? What are some of the things you’d like to do that may be more difficult moving into the next season?

I hope this encourages you. Let’s thrive in this season of singleness together! If you’re hoping to be married one day, be patient, trust God, and I believe you will! Let’s treasure this time together until our season shifts, shall we? ❤

As for me, here are my goals for the next two weeks:

  • Love and serve my parents the best I can, and I pray I do that well in this transition! That looks like quality time, cooking, and forgiving quickly.
  • Prepare myself the best I can mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. (Yes, physically too, but it’s not as high of a priority now.) I want to be as healthy as can be and ready to take this next season on!
  • Get rid of as much as possible. I want everything I own to fit in my own place. If I have more than I can fit, that’s a problem! I do plan to get rid of more stuff even after I move!

If you are in this season of singleness, how would you like to spend this precious time? Also if you have more to add to “the single life” list, I would love to hear it! ت

Much ❤,


    1. Amy Kan

      Hi Danica! Glad you like them! Anything you want to add even though you’re taken now? 😉 Oh you know it’s my pleasure – thank you always for reading and taking it in.

      ♡ Amy

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