6 am bible readings

Last year I said yes to doing a 6 AM Bible reading every Wednesday. I don’t know what I was thinking. I didn’t realize how crazy the commitment was at the time; I just wanted to read out loud! It was a commitment of 52 early mornings. I’m a morning person, but not a 6 AM morning person! It feels like waking up for an early morning flight each week. It’s been one of the most challenging tasks for me.

As we go through this “Bible in a Year” plan, I would often play “catch up.” How easy it is to fall behind if you skip a day! Or two.. or three.. yikes! My joy for this plan (like other attempts) started feeling like drudgery. When there’s pressure to do a task whether by force or requirement, sometimes it just isn’t as enjoyable.

Anyway I took it to the Lord. I wanted to QUIT! Sleep is a priority to me and I’m struggling especially on these Wednesday mornings! He tells me to continue with Wednesday morning readings, but relieves me of the “catching up.” WHEW! Thank GOD He lightened my load. Or perhaps it was a load I put upon myself.

Since then, I simply show up every Wednesday morning (or once in a blue moon, record myself and schedule the post for 6 AM) and read my designated passage. I also started reading Hebrews one chapter at a time. The last few days, a few verses at a time (Hebrews 11). My joy for reading the Word is restored! I love reading out of the Spirit-Filled Life Bible and don’t like switching translations because I’ve grown a bit attached. Oh how I missed this feeling!

Moral of the story? Being disciplined in reading the Word is great! But who says you have to stick with a plan? As long as you’re in the Word every day, that’s great! Give yourself freedom to switch gears. Let Holy Spirit guide you. There are plenty of ways to explore the Bible – themes, characters, books, etc. Have fun with it!

Much ❤,

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