90 Days | I can’t do this without You.

Today marks the completion of my 90-day-commitment to blogging every Wednesday.

I reached the finish line. With a sure and quiet confidence and a smile on my face, I made it.

Some days.. I’m inspired to write.
Some days.. I’m lacking motivation.
Some days.. I’m pulling hairs thinking of a topic.
Some days.. it comes easy.
Some days.. the topic is a lesson from the week.
Some days.. I have nothing to write and decide to write a recent life story.
Some days.. I’m writing within the hour of my deadline (like right now).

No matter how I feel leading up to my writing day, I write.

How do I motivate myself?

Walking in the botanical garden inspires me.
Exploring a new city shifts my perspectives.
Perusing a creative space stimulates my creative juices.
Experiencing different cultures lead me deeper into the heart.
Believing in life-changing impact for my readers drives me.
Journaling my thoughts helps me process and gives me momentum.
Hosting an authentic space where all can come is my dream.
Conversing with like-minded creatives and world-changers causes synergy.

But all of these things still aren’t enough for me.

I must hear the voice of my God.
I must hear Him remind me again and again that I was made for this.
I need His warm touch when I’m struggling with the words to say.
I need Him to tell me “go for it” when I’m heading the right direction.

Without Him, I have no words.
Without Him, I have no direction.
Without Him, I have no inspiration.
Without Him, I have nothing.
Empty, formless, stagnant.

His voice awakens me.
His presence restores me.
His love melts me.

HE inspires me.
Everything about Him.. inspires me.


I have Jesus to thank for every inspiration I’ve had on this blog. I couldn’t have done this without You. Thank you.

Thank you to my friend who committed 90 days with me. We’re *toasting* in about 5 minutes.

Thank you to all my friends that have believed in me (and are still believing in me) over the years!

And thank you all, my wonderful readers, for reading along.


90 days marks my jumpstart, and I’m not stopping!

Stay tuned.

Much ❤️,

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