A little home run

Today was the first time since HIGH SCHOOL that I ran around our home community and the first time I’ve walked around our community since moving back in with my parents this past May.

Dad suggested I go around the track instead of the trails because of the rain last night. Reluctant I was but I knew it was a good idea. Running up and down mud trails could be a bit hazardous. So off I went – let’s just go for it! It’s been a while after all!

Homes aged, owners changed, decorations Christmas familiar and new.

Remembering the way I walked/jogged the loop, I continued to jog up the hill, walk on the little flat, continue to jog until the downhill, and walk on the long flat. And repeat. I didn’t have my spiral notebook to study vocabulary words on the walking portion, and memorize on the jogging portion, but I sure did bring my life navigation map to study and mull over for 2024. Weirdly familiar.

I remember how I felt on the various portions around the loop in high school. I remember how I felt when I haven’t ran in a week and was a bit out of breath. Today was a reality check on my endurance levels. Thankfully the second time around, my body was warm and it was a bit easier. 🙂

Something else I noticed was that it was easier to focus on reading and meditating on the pavement!! If you run on trails you know how much attention is required to not trip and fall on your face.. or dodge a snake.. or a stink bug.

TRUE STORY: My college roommate FaceTimed me and Excited was an understatement because we haven’t caught up in a while. As I walked on the trail leading to the trailhead with my eyes fixed on the screen along the way, I stepped right in front of a snake.. and literally jumped over it SCREAMING!! Not doing that again. Running on pavement made room for focus and worry-free overthinking.

Moral of the story: If you want focused study time or FaceTime on your walk/jog, hit the pavement. If you want light study or a podcast, trails are a great option.

I hope you enjoyed my little story on this little home run!

Much Love,
Amy ❤

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