a moment in time | women in chicago

One early morning I step onto the train, find a pole to hold onto, and situate myself for my commute. As the train picks up a steady pace, I look around and see a beautiful woman, then another, then another. Why are all these women stunning? Is it something about Chicago?

Their skin, their eyelashes, their jaw lines, their expressions. “She could be a model. She can also be a model. That woman over there – she can be a model,” I thought. Seriously.

“Every single one of these women could be a model!”

That’s when it clicked. What do they have in common? Their faces unmasked by any makeup. The calm in not pretending they’re someone that they’re not. Perhaps this is the gift of commuting: no pressure, no demands or expectations other than commuting. It is a refreshing sight to behold. I can see them. I can sense the essence of who they are and that.. is beautiful. With no faux layer between us, there is room to breathe. To all be in the same subway car and simply be. *ahhhhhhhhhhhhh*

Wow, the beauty of women. Unmasked. Simple, rested, real & raw, unfiltered beauty.

– a moment in Chicago, March 2016; recollected on March 9, 2024


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