Africa Mission Part I: En Route!

We are finally off to Africa!

There’s a reason to arrive three hours before an international flight. My carry-on needed to be no more than 7 kg and I had to transfer 4.6 kg over to my check-in, leaving me without my toiletries and bare necessities. ☹️ I didn’t realize how heavy my suitcase by itself would be!!! Big lesson learned there! I’m trusting my luggage will arrive at our destination in Jesus’ name!

14 hour 35 minute flight, here we come!

5 pm (PST): We are currently on the plane to Qatar for our layover before heading to Kenya. The food was pretty great. Met a beautiful soul next to me on the plane: a Muslim majoring in philosophy with plenty of questions about the Trinity and Christianity. I was feeling a bit unprepared for this trip but looks like the Lord sent me someone to get prepared with, and what a Joy!

5 pm (Kenya Time): Read the first three devotionals from Heidi Baker’s Daily Insights to Birthing the Miraculous. Funny how this morning I hear the Lord say to switch out the devo I was bringing with Heidi Baker’s as I was trying to walk out the door. When I hear the Lord direct me with something, I’ve learned to not question but to quickly obey. And guess what, it was exactly what I needed. He knows best! ❤️

I’ve had a few friends recommend I watch “Elemental,” and I finally did on the flight! Walked off the plane equipped with 3 hours of sleep, 2 big meals, and a vegetable curry pastry. Definitely overly stuffed. 😬

5:45 pm (EAT) Quick layover in Qatar! Thankfully the connecting flight to Nairobi was in the same area as our landing gate. We had a little parade come through, that was fun! I believe this is traditional Qatar attire. It was best to enjoy the moment because everyone was taking videos and not minding the people behind them. 😂

11:30 pm (Kenya Time): Had one more meal (I didn’t need lol) and a decent nap and now landing in Nairobi, Kenya!

1:45 am: Three pieces of luggage packed with gifts are currently being inspected. Praying for favor and free passage to go!

4 pm (EAT): Finally. It’s BED TIME, yet my body feels awake with LA time. 🤪 Praying for a gooood night’s rest tonight, and recovery + preparation time for ministry tomorrow.

Much ❤️,


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