STORY TIME | back to los angeles

Journeyed in October 2019; documented in March 2024 –

Never would I ever have thought I’d be back in California, nonetheless Los Angeles, yet HERE I AM!

I was taken by surprise when my new employer in San Diego fired me after just two weeks of being hired. I won’t go into all the details, but shock and confusion was an understatement. My sister suggested I come to Michigan to spend time with my nieces since I rarely see them.. and to Michigan I went!

After spending my savings and year with them, it was time to go but I didn’t know where. I decided to spend some time at the International House of Prayer. After three days of settling in with the Lord in the prayer room, I asked Him what’s my next step? I walked around the room and came across a map in the back of the room. My eyes landed on a patch of map that said SALT SALT SALT SALT SALT. It was located in Nevada, and I felt in my spirit “go west.”

During this time I heard clearly, “Do not apply for a job online. You will either get one in-person or through someone you know.” I cheated one or two times before being fully obedient to His directive.

That same week I visited the urban house of prayer in Kansas City and stumbled into the Hallmark Museum. Did you know there was a MUSEUM for Hallmark?! I have a love for cards and was getting absolutely rocked looking at the impact this company has made across the globe. Their logo is a crown and it really spoke to me as I saw crowns placed on cities in countries all over the world map. Check this out – I walked through Hallmark full of crowns. The name of the mall was called the Crown Center City Plaza. As I continue walking around the mall, I get a phone call from Sandra from The Crowne Plaza Hotel, San Pedro. Do you believe in signs, because in this moment I was sure paying attention to CROWNS!

Sandra: I know you submitted your application months ago, but the job that you applied for is no longer available. We do have a position for the Catering Sales Manager that’s available. Would you be interested in that one?

Me: Yes I am!

Sandra: When can you come in for an interview?

Me: I’m actually across the country in Kansas City, MO and I need to drive my way over there. I can come in for the interview on Thursday.”

Sandra: Great, see you then!


With the Lord highlighting SALT, I knew to go west. After placing my full trust in the Lord in regards to a job and not applying online anymore, Sandra calls me out of nowhere.

From then on, I started mapping my way west. I booked an Airbnb one day at a time. I told the Lord, “At any point of my journey, feel free to intervene and let me know if you want me to pause, stop, and place my roots down. I am willing to go wherever you send me.” Day after day, booking after booking, He never stopped me. I arrived back in Los Angeles in San Pedro, California and had my interview.

I received a call the next day letting me know I didn’t get the position. Literally hours later, a childhood friend calls me and lets me know he heard I was looking for a job! I said yes, and I was hired that same week.

As weeks go by, I am MCing and interviewing singers/songwriters and creative folk every week at an event called The Cloud. After getting off stage one evening, a gentleman walks up to me and asks me a slew of questions! Shortly after, he hires me to work for his nonprofit working with the youth.

Look at that – how God came through for me! I did indeed get not just one, but TWO jobs through people I knew and met in person.. none through an online application. Just as He said.

Not sure where to go from here, but trusting Him sure pays off! I hope this encourages you in your journey of faith. Indeed, it is a journey. My trust in the Lord grew through this process and I have greater faith from walking through it. It definitely didn’t start off that way!

Much Love,
Amy ❤

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