back to reality

Wow, a taste of life with tiny doses of social media is a welcome nudge back to reality.

The last three weeks I’ve been aiming to use social media 1-2 days/week with the intention of connecting with those on my blog. Hello, best decision ever.

I truly thought it would be a daunting task.

Week 1: the worst – fightinggg the habit of picking up my phone and always “checking.”

Week 2: occasionally checking and slaps on the wrist. Unfulfilling 20 minute scrolling.

Week 3: not really checking at all. Oh I can check today! oOoo what’s new, people posting, oh the novelty. Not very fulfilling..

The screen sucks me in when I open social media. Stimulating the eyes and mind with novelty but ending with emptiness and wasted time.

Now why do we go to social media? For me it was boredom, empty space, an excuse to help me “wake up,” a friend to “hangout with.” Connecting but not really connecting. I’m left empty.

Social media in itself is not a bad thing. It’s a great tool to keep in touch with people and build your business. However, I do believe we must use social media with great intention and purpose or we might inevitably get sucked into a world of distraction, wasted time, and shallow connection.

Social media has changed over the years. It started as a platform for people to connect and keep in touch with others. Now tell me why is there a shopping feature on our home screen and ads filling up our feeds? On Instagram they replaced our cool map feature for a shopping tab! In my efforts to simplify life, these things add unnecessary space and stimulation in my life.

If you haven’t watched The Social Dilemma, I recommend you do. It reveals how social media is (now) designed to cultivate addiction and manipulate mindsets, amongst other things. There is a team studying human behavior to keep you addicted and it’s unbelievably unethical. If you’re trying to kick your social media addiction, know that the system and the people behind it are working around the clock to keep you addicted.

Now how has this three week journey changed my life so far? Well, I certainly do not miss checking and scrolling feeds on social media.

  • I am way more present with myself. 🛁
  • I am reading a little bit more. 😊
  • I can hear my desires to connect with certain people. ❤️
  • I have more focus. 👁
  • I am enjoying my home way more. 🏡
  • I am less attached to my phone.. and considering doing away with a smartphone. 😬
  • No more pressure to post ✌🏼

It’s only been three weeks and I’m loving the shifts so far. I can’t wait for more gains as I continue on this journey!

Let me know where you stand in regards to social media! Let’s make it work for us and not the other way around!

“For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.”

Romans‬ ‭8:5-6‬ ‭(NKJV‬‬)

Much ❤️,


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