bath time

I’m currently babysitting chickens for my parents while they’re out of town, and it has been absolutely freezing!! 27 hours and counting. It’s so cold I feel like I’ve been fighting something since I’ve come here.. or perhaps it’s dust. Either way I decided to break-in their huge bathtub they’ve never used to warm myself up – and practice “self-care.” Best decision I’ve ever made. I came prepared with aromatherapy bubble bath goodness just in case.

Preparing the bath –

I scrub the bathtub down with whatever body wash was around, mostly to get rid of the dust accumulated over the years. I haven’t mastered the art of it yet – basically not overheating myself. This would be attempt #9, I believe.

I turn on the HOT WATER and let it run. Filling up fast, I was hesitant to put COLD WATER in. Whoops, wasn’t I supposed to find the right temperature with both faucets before dumping all the water in? Fail. I’ve committed myself to this bath, and we’re continuing on! I’m not wasting precious California water! I’ll come out of this bath one step closer at mastering bath time and not shocking my future kids with burning/freezing baths.

The bath itself –

I step in..
Hot! Too hot. Settling in.. I think it could use a little cold water!
*Turn on the cold faucet* That’s a little better, but maybe too cold.
*Turn on hot water* Oh no! No more hot water? Let it run a little while longer.. still no hot water! Turn it off! Okay, let’s just see what happens…….

***Thank God the temperature ended up perfect!

The hot water envelops my body into a hot comforting hug.
Every cold limb defrosting in the therapeutic heat.
Nothing escapes the healing touch of this hot water.
Finally, my whole body sighs as I close my eyes.

After some time..

Ohhhhh look at all these bubbles! How fun!!!
Let’s sweep some bubbles into your hand and blow them!
The bubbles take flight in small bits and little clusters. How magical!
They catch the wind and slowly come down because they’re full of air!

Smells of eucalyptus surround me, helping my mind and body relax.
I don’t know what it is about aromatherapy, but it seriously works.
Relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating.

I sip a glass of water to make sure I’m hydrated.
Ahhh, I needed that.
Fresh, clean water.

I turn on the bubble jets.
*Vrooooom,* perhaps to get out all the kinks from never being used.
It is a loud humming, yet calming white noise.

I turn off the bubble jets, and I hear the once silent bubbles crescendo to life.
A beautiful light rain or a gentle snowfall.
Can you hear it?


Oh t’was a wonderful bath. It might be the best attempt thus far – attempt #9. As funny as it sounds, it’s taken much practice and intentionality to get here. I’ve had my fair share of overheating in the bath and fainting or sprawling out naked on the bed to cool down. I’ve also attempted self-care in the hot tub, and I remember looking up at the sky in hot frustration, “why can’t I just relax!

I see baths as a practical way to activate all five of my senses, and I love that. It pulls me into my present, to enjoy and experience the bath. I enjoy preparing the space with candles, a book or journal, a drink, you name it.. and also giving myself the freedom to choose what I desire to do in that moment. No pressure. This bath I brought with me a journal, a book, and some music – but didn’t pick up any of them. I simply enjoyed the warmth, the bubbles, and the present moment.

At this moment, ask yourself what you can practically do today to enjoy the present. How can you engage the five senses? What sounds fun and exciting for you? Perhaps it’s a little nature walk or sitting somewhere beautiful. Perhaps it’s reading your favorite book with a cup of hot chocolate. Perhaps it’s preparing a delicious meal! Whatever you choose, make sure you’re having fun doing it. 🙂

Much ❤,


  1. JeL

    Absolutely experiential! Felt like I was there lol I actually took a deep breath in, imagining the scent & then exhaling worries & hurried thoughts off. Thanks for that Amy!

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