day 4 | route 66 – alburquerque, nm & cadillac ranch, tx

Day 4   ||  Albuquerque, NM ➵  Amarillo, TX ⥇  Oklahoma City, OK

Life is better with daylight. 

– Amy ♥

GOOD MORNING! I’m coming for you, Old Town Albuquerque. Thank you, Day’s Inn for the instant oatmeal and the fruit to-go. Old Town would still be sleeping by the time I arrived; hence my plan: snap a few photos and finally relax at a coffee shop – Blackbird Coffee House.

It’s quiet walking around Old Town Plaza. The fall leaves are beautiful even without the crunching. Century-old adobe houses are now replaced with local Mexican restaurants and artisan shops selling handcrafted blankets, jewelry, and ceramics made by local tribes. My hunt for a beautiful tribal blanket continues as I linger for a specific shop to open later than usual. 

Coffee shops are home for me. To cozy up in a little nook with a warm cup of coffee is my absolute favorite. I ordered their signature Blackbird Latte with oat milk (the best – it’s so creamy). It is a perfect mix of red chile, dark chocolate, coffee, and sweet creaminess.

Instantly rejuvenated in my natural habitat, I take out my journal, Bible, and handy dandy AAA map to track my trek across the country. 

Today is day 4 and it’s already been quite the journey. I am the one who I hangout with 24/7. It’s as if I’m becoming friends with myself – getting acquainted for the very first time. It isn’t about the “should’s” or “what’s good for me” that I do –

Welcome to desire.
Welcome to pure delight.
Welcome to just being.
Welcome to powerful decisions.

It also isn’t about what others want/need since no one is with me. Oh, the freedom and SPACE feels like an openness and luxury.. almost.. selfish. But in actuality, it’s not.

Isn’t this crucial in examining myself? To see where I could improve or correct myself? To learn to LOVE MYSELF. And eventually love others well?

This solo trip is teaching me to be with Amy, know how she likes things, what makes her happy.. and who she is.

Adventurous, outgoing and hospitable, loves people, quality time, easy to please, sacrificial, curious, daring, bold, healthy, active, avoids the cold, needs to learn how to layer, personal retreats are absolutely necessary, loves design, interiors, art, photography,!

Amy’s Journal – November, 16, 2018

I finally continue my drive towards Oklahoma City, and my “check engine” light turns on. Hm, that’s a first. My car seems to be running fine, but it’s probably best I pull over into a rest stop. A bit nervous with no phone service, I manage to get in touch with a loved one and attain an address to get the car checked. I arrive in Santa Rosa, NM, and the store owner tells me his young employee broke his OBD scanner and can’t help me. Whoopdeedoo. I drive down the street to a place called Ortega’s Wrecker Service. They scan it, drive it around, and the engine light turns off. They tell me it’s fine! Whew, well I’m glad I had it checked out. This little pit-stop forced me to take a break and eat the lunch I packed. 🙂

Texas is known for their big steaks, but I’m not planning on eating a big slab of steak on my own. That’s an easy skip for me. Between my lingering in Albuquerque and engine light shenanigans, I decided to drive straight to Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX (my only stop in Texas), and make only gas stops going towards my final destination for the day – Oklahoma City, OK.

About two and a half hours later, I take exit 60 toward Arnot Road and merge onto I-40 Frontage Road paralleling the freeway for 1.5 miles. I knew I arrived at the right place when I saw a cluster of parked cars and people coming and going.

Hello Cadillac Ranch. A gentleman says hello from his car and announces that he is selling souvenirs. I walk through a little fenced walkway to an expanse of dirt and grass with ten half-buried Cadillacs smack in the middle of it.

Cadillac Ranch was a really neat Roadside Attraction. I also found it really neat to meet a girl who picked up a car she purchased in San Diego (where I just moved from) who’s driving it cross country back to Boston!

A little over four hours later, I arrive in Oklahoma City. I didn’t mind that my Airbnb was further than I thought from downtown since I could really use some rest and not get tempted to explore!

Stay tuned for Day 5   ||  Oklahoma City, OK ⥇  Tulsa, OK ?  Springfield, MO

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