day 5 | route 66 – oklahoma city, ok

Day 5   ||  Oklahoma City, OK ⥇  Tulsa, OK ?  Springfield, MO

I left my AirBnb pretty late as I gave my host some tips on how to make the space more hospitable. I’m pretty laid back with my housing situation when I’m paying a lower price point, but this one was one of my worst experiences. Little did my host know that he was talking to a girl who worked in hospitality for years. Next time I’d be willing to pay a higher price point for a better place. Lesson learned. However, I am thankful my host directed me to check out the Oklahoma Memorial. I honestly didn’t want to deal with more research that night.

FIRST STOP: Lighthouse at Lake Hefner,inspired by the second oldest lighthouse in the country in Nantucket, Maryland.

SECOND STOP: Oklahoma City National Memorial 

We come here to remember those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever. May all who leave here know the impact of violence. May this memorial offer comfort, strength, peace, hope and serenity.


For those who may not be aware or remember, the Oklahoma City Bombing took place on April 19, 1995 at 9:02 AM, and was the deadliest terrorist attack prior to the September 11 attacks. Timothy James McVeigh drove a rental truck full of explosives to the front of the Afred P. Murrah Federal Building, and lit a two-minute fuse shortly before arriving. It destroyed the north half of the building. At least 168 people were killed, and 680 others were injured. 

168 empty chairs represent the number of people who were killed in the bombing. Nine rows symbolize the nine floors of the building. Each person’s chair is on the row (floor) that the person worked on or was located when the bomb went off. The 19 smaller chairs represent the children killed in the bombing. A children’s daycare was located on the second floor. 🙁 There were also three unborn children who died along with their mothers, and their names are listed beneath their mothers’ names.

It was surreal to walk the grounds of the bombing. A heavy thickness lingers in the air as visitors walk slowly through the memorial. The large number of people who died and how quickly everything happened shakes me. How someone could even think and plan out this entire murder scenario shakes me. Did he even bat an eye?

THIRD STOP: Lunch at The Vault in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. After exploring downtown Tulsa by car, I drove into The Vault’s parking lot to search for a yummy place to eat. When The Vault came up on Yelp, I discovered their fun mid-century modern interior design with well-rated food. Quite honestly, I drove into the perfect eatery on accident! All they were serving at the moment was brunch, so I ate two breakfasts that day. PB&J and an omelette.

I waited in line next to a family amongst many who were running in the Williams Route 66 Marathon. They roadtripped from Dallas, TX! 

Before I left the restaurant, I said goodbye to family I had just met. The grandma said, “I have to ask – I see you are using a paper map. I mean you look young. You know you can access all of that on your phone nowadays right? People don’t really use paper maps anymore.” Ha, I had to chuckle to myself, “I do use the phone for directions, but I’m having fun tracking my roadtrip with stickers!” I mean, at least it wasn’t the Thomas Guide.. which I also do like!

FOURTH & FINAL STOP: Springfield, MO. I arrived just in time for the tree lighting! This little plaza was hustling and bustling with horse carriage rides, live music, and people.

I hopped into a really neat bar called the Golden Girl Rum Club. Really fun interior with “the most expensive drinks in town.” In Los Angeles, that price could be double! I met an interesting couple who recently moved from Texas. They love their new town Springfield – not to be mixed up with Springfield from Simpsons, which is in Illinois. We had a wonderful time chatting and of course I shared some of my story and why I’m moving to Michigan.

The boyfriend/husband asks me what my dream career would be. As I answered with different types of business ideas, he simply stated, “You like to create space.” He was right – every business endeavor that came out of my mouth had everything to do with creating space, ambiance, environment. Turns out his job is literally building walls and room dividers while looking at the big picture of what design and feel his clients want. He  already works in this kind of business and easily sees that in my vision. 

This must be what people call “divine appointment.” And what a good friend of mine would call a “coordinated instance” as opposed to “coincidence.” My heart shifted when he told me that I like to create space, and that feeling still sticks with me. This has been a theme in my life: God puts people in my path as I travel solo either on the plane, on the subway, here at this bar, walking around town, etc.. It reminds me how good a Father I have who loves me and is looking out for me.

This. Dog. Totally caught me off guard with a double take.

Bed time! I can’t believe this is my second to last night on the road!

If you’re still tracking with me here, thank you so much for joining me this far! Next time we’ll finish up with Day 6 and 7  ||  Springfield, MO ?  Mooresville, IN ?  Taylor, MI

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