day 6-7 | route 66 – big yellow house, in

Day 6   ||  Springfield, MO ?  Mooresville, IN

Leaving Springfield I thought I’d at least stop by St. Louis to say hello; but honestly, what I wanted most was to drive straight to my destination to spend time with Jesus and relax. I knew if I stopped to tour around, I’d be tempted to explore and lose out on my heart’s greater desire this day. After my not-so-great experience at my previous AirBnb, I made sure to spend a few more dollars on a nice quiet space, big enough to be my own little (actually big) studio!

What a huge house! It was a happy yellow, a ray of sunshine in the midst of the gloom. It was peaceful and quiet. I quickly made myself at home. I kicked off my shoes and hung up my coat. I stowed my “luggage” away in my walk-in closet, which was fully stocked with towels and extra blankets.

Oh how excited I was to sit in my little nook with hours of daylight left! I knew it was the right decision to drive straight here!

My hours here marked one of the most precious times spent with Jesus. Even with no evidence on paper, the memories created in this space are imprinted on my heart. I quietly observed the delicate white pampas grass sway outside my window. I connected with some passages I read through in the Bible. I sat in the calm, learning to be present with myself and with the Lord.

I knew once I reached Michigan I would be living in a household with two little girls. I wouldn’t have this kind of space and silence to myself. Thank you Lord for this time and space. ♥

Day 7   ||  Mooresville, IN ?  Taylor, MI

My final drive to Michigan was about four and a half hours. I chose a cute coffee shop outside downtown Indianapolis as my last stop before heading to my new Michigan home.

As I was driving, I noticed my gas running low. The gas prices off the freeway were more than I remembered them to be earlier in Oklahoma. “I’ll wait until I see a better price before I get gas,” I thought to myself. The prices never. got. lower. When I saw the light go on, I knew I had to pull over to the next gas station. “Can you just trust me?” I hear the Lord say. A few cents difference on gas really isn’t going to kill me.

I had to repent when I drove into the parking lot of the coffee shop – PROVIDER. It’s funny that I went back and forth in my head about the cost of gas when God was clearly saying He is my PROVIDER when I chose to come to this coffee shop the night before! Get with the program, Amy. Seriously.

When I entered Provider, I see two older ladies holding hands and praying together. It was beautiful. This was no accident. I asked them to pray for my travels and next season, and they were thrilled to do so. They were the sweetest.

It was Mid-November, a day before Thanksgiving. It only made sense to celebrate with a Fall coffee beverage: the Ginger Latte. Absolutely delightful and heartwarming, with the perfect amount of spice.

I sat. I read. I wrote. Surrounded by cozy and fun decor, the hustle and bustle of people, and coffee. Yup, I was in my element. It was THE stop to finish my road trip across the country.

Thanks you for joining me on my adventure across the country. Stay tuned for some Michigan updates!

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