first snowfall

Finally. The snow has come! It’s been the mildest of winters, so they say here in Michigan. On Friday, January 17, 2019, the snow starts to stick and I wake up to a winter wonderland. Coming from California, this “mild winter” feels like the “dead of winter.” It doesn’t make sense that it can be this frigid cold and not snow. I’ve struggled to push myself outside, and the DMV didn’t help by denying my license renewal. I received an unwelcome detainment for a few weeks, which only gave me more excuses to not leave my warm sanctuary.

The partially snow-covered landscape moves me to bravery. I skip my workout, bundle up with my camera in hand, and head out the door. Here are a few photos taken from my courageous adventure. You will find scenes from my bedroom window, the front porch, neighborhood, and backyard. Oh let’s not forget Peanut the boxer mix rescue, Maui the black tri-color aussie, and Rue the red tri-color aussie. ♥

And today as I write this post, I am preparing myself to scrape the snow off my car and attempt to drive in the snow for the first time. Prayers are very much appreciated.

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