hello resistance

When you know you’re called to do something, it’s not uncommon to meet resistance.

On Valentine’s Day, I set up shop with my typewriter. I was ready! I dressed up for Valentine’s day with a red ribbon in my hair, “Valentine Cards” sign taped onto the table, and typewriter plugged in ready to make cards for whomever comes my way. I’m a little nervous, but I’m excited for however this day will turn out!

Working the holiday table at Whole Foods prepped me for this moment. “It’s never too late to order your holiday ham!!” I learned to project my voice and not be bothered when people turned me down.

“Custom Valentine’s cards!! Grab a coffee and come make a card with me!”

My very first customer comes on over. She picks out a card and I’m playing it cool as I try to fit the card upside down and front side facing me. If you don’t, it will type upside down or the wrong side of the card completely. I ask her how she’d like to address the card.

“What’s his name?”
*Type name out and press enter.. DING!*
*Platen knocks over my money jar.. and I watch it shatter all over the floor*
Oops. I should’ve tested that first.

We make it together through the first card. She’s a happy customer!

It’s okay, it’s okay. That was a rough start but we are back in business! Let’s try this again. Thank God for my friend who helped me recover with a new jar and the custodial team.

In between customers, I move my coffee too fast with the lid off. Yup, guess what happens. It spills all over my card box! At least a third of the cards are ruined. My friend fetches a towel for me in the back room and there I am frantically saving the cards I can.

The familiar narrative comes back, “Agh Amy..” I had such resolve to make cards and be present for my customers, I didn’t let that condemning tone stay for long. I shoo it away, walk the cards back to my station, and settle myself down for the next guest.

Day 1 had a grand total of 6 guests in the span of 3 hours. Not bad for the first time despite all the mishaps that happened. Joy and hospitality filled me with each customer. I miss working face-to-face in customer service and seriously, this typewriting venture is the most life-giving ever. Resistance will come but I’m ready to keep pushing!

In fact, I’ll be making cards at Crafted for Mother’s Day THIS SATURDAY! From 12-6 PM, I’ll be parked outside of T’HO Coffee. You’ll see me right when you enter. 😉

What about you? Is there something big or small (I mean, nothing’s really small if you think about it) you feel strongly led to do? Of course there will be resistance. Let’s not look at it as a “bad thing,” but more of a challenge to take on! I encourage you to take the risk. I promise you – you’ll be glad you did it.

Much ❤,

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