internal change

Change is an interesting thing. Change happens both externally (outside of us) and internally (within ourselves). Let’s focus on internal change today. Internal change can happen quickly when there’s strong conviction that connects with your heart.

If you embark on change without connecting to your heart, you will inevitably run into burnout, lack of motivation, and possibly a cycle of depression as you try and fail.

Here are a few strong fast-moving convictions I have had over the years. Perhaps it will help you remember some of your convictions and where you stand today in relation to them.

Old Me: Downloading media (illegally). I knew it was not “right” but it didn’t convince me to stop browsing Limewire and BitTorrent for all the “free” music and movies! Everyone was doing it.
Conviction Point: Facing my actions in conversation with a guy I dated and realizing that behind all this “free media” is a ton of hard work and creativity. I’m stealing artists’ creative property! “Illegal” didn’t stop me, but once I connected to the people behind it, it was over.
Action: The next day I pulled out all my burned CD’s and pirated goods.. and threw them all away. I never looked back. I’ve never once illegally downloaded after that day.
Me Today: If I want to watch a movie, I’ll pay for it. As for (free) music I’m growing tired of the ads on Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, and am considering purchasing a Spotify account. It will support the artists too right? Plus it’s not going to break the bank. (No more poverty mindset)!

Old Me: Using anti-perspirant deodorant. Who wants sweat marks?
Conviction Point: Learning how the majority of breast cancer cases are linked to anti-perspirant deodorant due to aluminum content.
Action: Secret Anti-Perspirant Deodorant went straight into the trash. I went the extra mile with shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps, etc. I filled up an entire box of my new/used products and threw it all away.
Me Today: No anti-perspirant anywhere, and paying a higher price for natural deodorant. Also I’m still on the hunt for a natural deodorant that works. I have three right now. One that doesn’t stain my white clothes much, but doesn’t keep you from stinking once you sweat. One that works against the smell but stains my clothes. One that works but goes on sticky (yuck) and I can’t return it because of covid final sales – I use it for working out. Anyone have suggestions for one deodorant that works for everything?!

Old Me: Liberal studies major because I could see myself be a teacher. Switched to business major because Dad said it was safe. Classes were boring.
Conviction Point: Taking ONE nutrition class as an elective junior year. LOVING the class despite the temptation to fall asleep right after lunch and not understanding my professor because of his lisp. That was HUGE! (Side Note: I always fell asleep in Business Law after lunch. And in my 8 am Physics class – Sitting in the front row didn’t keep me awake either.)
Action: Switched my major to dietetics (and still graduated on time)!
Me Today: Though I’m not working in dietetics, I’m choosing to eat healthy each day!

Real change can happen quickly, but it also requires commitment and endurance to continue.

Perhaps you know your conviction but haven’t taken action. Or perhaps you’ve taken action, but haven’t continued with commitment. Wherever you are, know that you can carry on and move forward from where you are now. Don’t be hard on yourself. Allow conviction to propel you forward in the right direction. Today is a new day!

Much ❤️,



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