know your season

It took me a while to admit this. I don’t have the capacity to do and think all the things I want to do and think – at least right now. Physically, mentally, emotionally. I’ve pushed myself too hard in these areas and I’ve crashed exhausted and upset with myself.

There’s no doubt that I was made for much more than what I’m currently operating in. But I recognize I’m moving too hard and strong at a time where I actually need to be taking it slow. Tendencies to go harder and faster leave me disappointed as I don’t measure up to my own expectations.

After taking a few medical tests, the why behind my “always being tired” makes sense. In fact my friend who specializes in holistic health and nutrition said, “With your test results, you should seriously be fatigued all the time. People with these results usually have to stay in bed!” As she thought about it a little more she said, “It must be the joy of the Lord sustaining you. There’s no other way.”

Well.. thank you LORD for sustaining me! Without you, I probably would be in bed all day and only have the energy to care for my basic needs. I also understand I must invest in taking care of my body, loving and honoring it in the state it’s currently in. If I keep trying to go hard and fast, I end up hurting myself.

What does this season look like for you?
Sit with the Lord and talk to Him about it.
Know your season.
Walk in it unapologetically
and fearlessly.

As for me, I will learn to boldly walk in rest this season. Taking it slow and spending more time at Jesus’ feet. I will prioritize my physical health and get healthy!

Much ❤,

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