metal stamp necklace

My friend Jessica and I are on a mission to incorporate more creative time into our lives. When I saw this metal stamp necklace kit by Brit + Co on sale for just $12.48 at TARGET, I couldn’t resist. I’ve always wanted to try metal stamping, and I’m sure the cost for all the necessary tools would cost around $12.48 – if not more! It was a given that this little project would mark the beginning of our intentional creative journey.

I chose the word FREE for my necklace, and Jess chose  ABIDE. I chose the word FREE to represent my year of breaking free from awry mindsets and exercising my true freedom in Jesus Christ! Jess chose ABIDE because she says ” I suppose it chose me.” She was meditating on John 15, heard Sean Feucht’s song, “Make Me a Lover,” and loved it!

The Goods.

The kit came with a practice piece of metal. This allowed us to test how much hammer force we needed to use on the stamp. Of course there are struggles along the way – as is life. 🙂


Amy’s turn to practice.

I like how FREE looked freEeee here. Too bad I couldn’t replicate it.

Practice is over. We taped our metal bar down ready to stamp our letters in.


Lining up the stamps for FREE


Tada! Jess + Amy with their new necklaces!

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