oh friendship

Here we are once again. Time after time, season after season, I battle the thoughts that people do not care about me. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my life, yet many times refrain from doing so when I start to wonder, “Do my friends, family, perhaps strangers even care about what I say or do? If they really cared, they would, …,” and off I go on an unhealthy downhill spiral.

I once read about how someone combated depression, and one thing that stood out to me was a request to her loved ones on her more difficult days: love me a little louder today. Very few of my friends would even think I was struggling with depression because I was generally happy, and how would they think otherwise if we only met up for quick, jam-packed, catch-up sessions? How would I know I was struggling with depression if I constantly covered it up with poor lifestyle choices?

Thankfully, over this year I’ve come to realize who my good friends are. I feel awful for living in this strange funk of confusion and doubt, meanwhile my relationships suffered from my lack of intentional contribution. Probably tired of initiating in relationships, I transitioned into waiting for my friends to make a move before I would respond. However, in simply receiving and reacting to their invitations, the relationship was missing the Amy component that only Amy could bring to the table.

A relationship takes two. If only one person has all the ideas on what to do and the topics to talk about, and the other person agreeably goes along with everything, the relationship would feel a bit lopsided. Honestly, it might feel boring for the first person unless he/she is completely narcissitic – which isn’t the kind of friend I would choose in the first place.

Relationships work best when each party is confident in who they are and what they bring to the table, with the common goal to love and empower one other.

Friends, be confident in the relationships you have and choose to have close to you. Surround yourself with people who sincerely love you and are for you. Find people who can give you a safe space to simply be. If you feel sad, depressed, lonely, or anything, give them a call. Don’t just send a direct message or interpretative emojis on some social media platform and assume they know exactly what you’re going through. Have the confidence that they love you and want to help you – even if they may not completely understand what you’re going through. Sometimes sitting in another’s presence in itself is healing.

When you exist in a place of knowing you are loved, known, and cared for, you exist in a place of rest and security.

Though my friends love me dearly, I cannot count on them for my every need and desire. They may disappoint me and misunderstand me. Spending time with them fills my heart, but without a certain someone, I will still not be satisfied.

Now what if I told you there is someone who knows the deepest parts of your heart and soul, yet still loves you most deeply – even more than your closest friends and family. There’s also no need to explain yourself because this someone already knows before you say a word. This love goes beyond comprehension in our human minds; it’s unfathomable. This love is pure, with no ill intent or hidden motive. It is attentive to your every thought, every move, and is fueled by love.

Yes, there is someone. This someone satisfies my soul.

This someone loves my heart to share my life with the world. This deep love keeps me in perfect peace. This someone keeps me grounded in who I am and helps me walk through life fearlessly! This someone is good at pointing out my flaws and helps me become a better person. We both love to share our crazy ideas and dream together!

This someone is Jesus – Jesus Christ.

This someone is Jesus, Jesus Christ. He wants deep relationship with you and it can only happen if you say yes to Him – yes to relationship with Him. He is so moved by your yes. He is waiting in anticipation and since he’s a gentleman, he won’t force your hand. Give Him your yes, and ready yourself for the greatest love relationship of your life. I promise it’ll be an adventure.

Here’s a song describing more of His love:

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