Peru, here we come!

Hello Everyone! Thank you for joining my team and I on our missions trip to Peru! Get ready for quite the ride!!! The love and support we’ve received from you has been overwhelming!

Our team has been gathering every week for the last few months and oh how beautiful it is to see God knitting our hearts together as a family. We’ve been eating, praying, fasting, and training together. We’re a multicultural, multigenerational family of nine, and we all come in packages of different giftings and personalities! Imagine the Avengers! We look forward to introducing the people of Peru (and anyone along the way) to the precious person of Jesus and invite them into intimate relationship with Him. <3 We’re also expecting to see God move in power as He performs miracles through us! As Jesus’ hands and feet on the grounds of Peru, we are available and willing to go wherever He sends us and do whatever He calls us to do. Our lives are not our own.

I’m thankful that we are going as a team – and that includes YOU! Thank you everyone who has sown into our trip with prayer and/or finances. I will do my best to bring you with us on our journey together!

It still hasn’t hit me yet. Errands, packing, doing laundry, spraying outerwear with deet spray, relocating Nugget (my baby tortoise), wrapping up work, etc. for a few weeks has got me busy. There seems to be more loose ends to tie when going on a three week trip versus a weekend getaway. The struggle with distraction is real. Making time to draw closer to the Lord and hear His heart is more important than ever. This is not the time to be distracted by being busy!


3 pm – So here we are! After crawling our way through LA traffic on a Thursday at 10 am (NOT RUSH HOUR), we finally begin our journey to Peru. I think it’s juuuust starting to hit me. Perhaps it will when we get off the plane in a totally different country with a whole new set of sights, smells, and sounds. In the meantime we’re enjoying our time together on the plane en route to Mexico City eating peanuts. Some people in our aisles relocated themselves to other seats. Thank you Lord for blessing us with plenty of space and legroom! It’s all about the little (big) things for me. I’ve been super talkative in our time together, important things or completely random. I’m lowkey excited in anticipation for what this journey together will entail and it’s spewing over into my speech. Our layover will be as long as our flight from LA to Mexico City, then we’ll make our way to Lima! Thank God the flight is only a few hours.

We’ll touch base again soon!

Much Love,

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