no pressure – it’s all practice

Growing up does not exempt you from “practice.” Nobody becomes an expert guitarist, chess player, or curling athlete straight from the womb. It takes hard work and discipline!

PRACTICE: to do or play something regularly or repeatedly in order to become skilled at it (Source: Cambridge Dictionary)

When babies begin to walk, we don’t expect them to stand up on their own strength and walk steadily right away. Perhaps you’ve witnessed a superbaby, but more often than not it takes countless attempts just to stand, more attempts to take a solid step, then even more to successfully walk. Practice is required at each stage though the baby most likely is not purposely “practicing.” Wanting to get up and walk is enough to motivate the baby to keep practicing – naturally!

We live in a day and age in which anything you put out in the world is subject to judgement. Aside from your opinions and beliefs, even your work and how you present yourself is judged. It’s rather annoying, don’t you think? Whatever happened to the phrase “enjoy the journey” in the midst of learning and figuring things out as you go? As if it wasn’t intimidating enough to post something personal on the World Wide Web, it could feel even scarier to see how people might respond. Depending on how the crowd responds, it can discourage, paralyze, or shut down whatever desire you had to share with the masses. It’s a tough world out there.

Even something as silly as posting is a practice. It opens a whole gamut of personal litmus tests: your ability to love, how tough your skin is, the importance of your message, the beauty in your art, how you take things (too) personally, you knowing WHO you are, your source of confidence, where you attain affirmation, how strong is your why, etc.

When negative comments come in, it takes practice to let them roll off like a duck’s back. When people misunderstand you, it takes practice to accept that you will be misunderstood. When people judge you, it takes practice to not take it personally. As you continue to post and practice responding in a healthy way, the fear will gradually subside. Negative and critical comments won’t affect you anymore. But if you never put yourself out there, you’re constantly in a state of “what if” and you are refusing yourself the opportunity to grow and overcome those fears!

A few ingredients to a baby’s learning-how-to-walk recipe: trial and error, falling and getting back up again, parental assistance, confidence-building, and specialized toys like push walkers that aid the movement of walking.

It’s the same with adults: trial and error, failing, getting back up again, support from mentors and peers, and tools that help us move forward!

Remember, the World Wide Web is an interesting microcosm that is real, but not always reality. People bully behind a screen never showing their face and don’t have to suffer the consequences. You can talk up a big game with nothing to back it up. There is a loss of authenticity of connecting face to face.

If you know in your gut that you need to be posting online, voicing an important message, and sharing special parts of your heart online, keep posting. No pressure – it’s all practice. The naysayers will always be there, but the real ones will find you.

Friends, may there be a natural flow as you practice doing what you’re made for, just like a baby naturally practices standing because he/she is made to walk.

Do it for the one. Do it for yourself. Do it for your why. You were created for This.

Love you much,
Amy ❤

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