Kenya & Tanzania – May 2024!

Hello Friends & Family,

I’m joining Freedom to the Nations to Kenya and Tanzania for a missions trip May 14-30, 2024!

When Jessica first told me about the Kenya & Tanzania trip and shared how it’s the first time a woman pastor will be coordinating the trip and how we would be equipping women, something seriously pinged in my heart.

For most of my life I thought I got along better with the boys, but as I have grown into a woman, I know FULL well that I’m a girl’s girl and I’m here for it. A big part of my why is to encourage and empower women, and this trip makes all the sense to me.

Literally two days after our conversation I found myself perusing the Freedom to the Nations website looking for the Kenya/Tanzania application. I felt in my spirit, “I need to go.” I told Jessica that I was going and she said, “Yes, you’re going!!” It was clear as day.

Isn’t it wonderful when you just KNOW in your knower that you are called to do something? I had a solid YES in me, a yes in obedience, even before learning about the price of this trip. $5499… WOW! It’s more than the highest end of the range for typical missions trips. I quickly decided to not be fearful or intimidated by that number. If the Lord is calling me to go, I must trust that he has the finances in order.

So here I am, standing in full faith and trust in the Lord’s providence to provide me a team of financial supporters and prayer warriors. I have $2499 left to go, if you feel led to partner with me on this mission, let me know!

All donations to Freedom to the Nations are tax deductible and are due by Monday, April 22, 2024.

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Much Much Love,

Amy Kan

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