Trujillo, Chimbote, and off to the Uros!

About to head out to the Uros Islands! Three members are down feeling ill from the high altitude. Please be praying! We have only two days here to do street evangelism and love on the Uros people. I’m running on a few hours of sleep and the Lord has really sustained me. Thank God! I’ll need a good night’s rest tonight for SURE!

We touched down at Arequipa, took a bus for 5 hours to Lake Titicaca, and made it to Puno to crash for the night after a whole day of travel.

Here’s a recap over the last few days – 

We had a phenomenol time in Trujillo. There are some off-the-charts welcoming parties happening in heaven right now! 

First crusade in Trujillo. It was tough ground. Witchcraft, spirit of control and religion in operation. But God! In His mercy and grace, His glory came strong. In Jesus’ name, we broke off witchcraft and people’s back pain, leg pain, other pain gone! Blind eyes see! A lady with arthiritis using a cane was completely healed!

We were ushered out like rockstars. We had to be rushed out. Floods of people came to us to take photos and it was hard to leave. As the crowd slims down, the more dangerous it gets especially since the places we’re visiting are not the safest areas.

On our second day in Trujillo, we distributed ties and scarves to the pastors and leaders of the region. What abundance we had! There were enough donations where we were able to give ties and scarves to all the spouses who were not in attendance! It was sweet to see everyone quickly open up their gifts and put them on. 🙂 The church that we had the conference at was walking distance away from a “witch mountain” where human sacrifices were made years ago, and where shamans and witches currently live. The church and our US team walked to a high place on this mountain and broke curses off the land, repented on behalf of forefathers and foremothers, anointed the land with oil, and worshipped our King Jesus!

When it was time for the crusade, it was a totally different atmosphere. It felt way more open, free, and responsive! My team member and I rallied some kids and made a conga line and danced around the field. It was so fun to bring both kids and adults to dance together with the Lord! That night We witnessed God heal the brokenhearted in such a deep way. A woman with liver disease came forward and as she received prayer, she began to experience chest pain. The Lord revealed she had a broken heart and had unforgiveness in her heart. She prayed, forgave, felt fire on her chest and deep pain, wept, said something left her chest and received her miracle! I prayed for a boy in a wheelchair who had muscle dystrophy. He looked so disturbed and after praying, his whole face lit up. He felt the Lord’s presence and His peace. Everything will be okay. 🙂

Jessica received a word of knowledge – someone had a stroke and is paralyzed on the left side. A lady was wheeled up in a wheel chair. A man came up with a cane. As we prayed, the woman was shaking; she lifted up her hands and they were shaking, and we lifted her up and supported her as she took her first steps in who knows how long. A few minutes went by and she was completely walking on her own! Hallelujah! As we were praing for the man, we sensed the fear on him, and we broke that off, then had the woman pray for the man for his miracle. I think we just made this woman a preacher! She prayed, “You must have faith to be healed!!!!” Powerful!! The man was partially healed by the end of the night but we are believing he will receive his full miracle. The lady walked home from the crusade with her husband that night!! Hallelujah!

In the morning we drove a few hours to Chimbote and reunited with some of our Peru team! Many of the pastors and leaders from Chimbote have been fasting and praying every week, and it has really cultivated fertile soil! I felt such freedom in the place! My team member and I rallied the kids and started dancing. The presence of God was strong. We didn’t feel the resistance we felt in Trujillo here. Over one hundred people including children experienced the greatest miracle of all – salvation! the first night! God’s glory was upon the people and some people were getting breakthrough in the crowd without anyone even laying hands on them. All the credit goes to God!

On our second day in Chimbote, we went to a pastor’s conference and Jessica spoke on forgiveness. It’s important to not hold onto offense. We must also create an atmosphere of safety for those who are not in the church! We dont know everyone’s story. Earlier that day during our team prayer, I had a vision earlier that people were getting lots of hugs! Then Jessica had our whole team come to the front and invited all the pastors and leaders to come get hugs from us. Hugs can make us feel safe, loved, welcome, received, etc.. WOW it was powerful. I had salty tears dried on my jacket. I felt the women melt into my arms after holding them for a while. I felt some shaking. I received heartfelt thank you’s.

The crusade that night – powerful. Open heavens. Glory. Freedom. It was a packed house and about 60 more people came to receive the Lord that night. I find it so beautiful how God can move upon people while people are saying the salvation prayer. People started shaking and feeling the glory of God from where they stood on the grass. No one prayed for them specifically or laid hands on them.

An older lady came up and was shaking during prayer. She wanted prayer for her broken arm. The story was that she was on the way to get the Covid vaccine but she fell and didn’t get teh vaccine. As we  prayed for her broken arm, we had her take her arm out of the sling.. And she lifted both her arms high! Her arm was completely healed! Hallelujah! She was so excited to testify about it that she couldn’t stop talking about it on stage! I don’t blame her. She just experienced a miracle!!!! Gloria a Dios!

We also got a word for varicose and nerve pain and she got complete healing!

SO many people wanted healing that there was no way we could bring everyone up. We asked one man who was healed from a heart condition to pray over the people who needed healing. Another man I felt who testified in a way where I was like, “man he could be a preacher!” And YES, MANY received their miracle on the grass during this wild prayer!

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